It’s criminal how we waste the time and potential of millions of people. And it’s crippling our economy.

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It’s time to face up to the simple, obvious problem that stands like a devouring colossus over our economy, smothering progress and thus blighting our future: the massive and nonsensical waste of millions of people.

Am I talking about unemployment? Alas, no. Unemployment is indeed a very serious waste of resources. When millions are unemployed, the main problem is not, as many people see it, the welfare money that has to be paid to the unemployed. This is trivial compared to the real cost; the appalling waste of resources that unemployment represents. When people want to be working, want to…

But will Tim Cook be bold enough to go for it?

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Apple makes some bold claims about the capabilities of its M1 processor — the new “Apple Silicon” system on a chip that powers its latest MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac mini.

World’s fastest CPU core in low-power silicon

World’s best CPU performance per watt

World’s fastest integrated graphics in a personal computer

…a quantum leap in performance at a fraction of the power.

Apple claims the MacBook Air, for example, has an “up to 3.5x faster CPU” and “up to 5x faster graphics” than its Intel-powered predecessor, despite no longer requiring a fan.

Obviously the use of the phrase…

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A firm rejection of some very common writing advice.

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There are a lot of people trying to be successful writers. There are a lot of online articles offering advice on how to be a successful writer. And some of these articles offer advice on how to write well. In essence, they attempt to define what constitutes good writing.

And what do these articles tell us about how we should write? Many of them share a common theme. Be definite, direct and efficient, they tell us. Use common words. Keep sentences and descriptions short. Cut down on the adjectives. Cut out the adverbs.

Put even more succinctly: Many words are…

Simplicity is a huge part of its enormous potential.

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Basic Income is a brilliant idea, with many important potential benefits. It can help us build a better society — and more and more people seem to be recognising this. But there’s a major obstacle to overcome if we are ever to build a successful Basic Income system: The often disastrous political temptation to over-complicate things.

When designing a Basic Income system, there are three basic rules you should keep firmly in mind at all times:

  1. Keep it simple.
  2. Keep it simple.
  3. Keep it simple.

If you carefully follow each of these three basic rules, you shouldn’t go far wrong.

Basic Income

And that stigma arises out of thoughtlessness.

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Suppose you have a choice:

Option 1: You could take up a career that would earn you a lot of money, but would involve doing something which might actually be harmful to society as a whole. An obvious example would be a job that involves marketing very sugary drinks to kids — thus potentially causing all sorts of health problems.

Option 2: You could take up a career which pays very badly, but which would at least be making a very positive contribution to society — such as promoting a good cause of some kind.

You might think that people…

The naffest graphics this side of the Nineties

Look! My graphics are just as good as Medium’s!

Medium has had a makeover. It’s got new graphics. And we have a wonderful word in British English to aptly describe them. And that word is, “naff.”

In case you’re not familiar with the term, “naff” means they’re severely lacking in style and good taste. They’re lame. They’re tacky. They’re…. naff!

The simple “M” logo, for example, has been replaced. The new logo (or “symbol,” as Medium calls it) consists of a circle and two ellipses.

What’s changed? What’s new? What’s back?

Source: Apple

13th October 2020: Apple announces its new iPhone 12 range.

Have we already met?

From the iPhone 6 onwards, Apple has opted for variations on essentially the same rounded edge overall shape. There was nothing especially wrong with this shape and all these iPhones were good-looking phones.

But many people couldn’t help but miss the flat-sided design introduced with the iPhone 4 and continued with the 4S, 5 and 5S.

That Jony Ive design is widely acknowledged, even by Android fans, as an absolute classic of industrial design.

It was resurrected for the first-generation iPhone SE and somehow did not seem to have aged…

Or will the new system be even worse?

Time to celebrate?

A writer’s existence, here on Medium, has long been dominated by the curation system. You wrote a story. It may have taken hours. It may have taken days. And then you had to submit it to the curators, who would accept it or reject it for reasons which were not always entirely clear.

If your story was curated, it got shown to people and had a chance to find an audience and perhaps earn you a little money.

But if your story was rejected, Medium wouldn’t show it to anyone. It disappeared into obscurity. …

⭐ Robert Jameson

Tech Fan, Philosopher, Economist and Basic Income advocate.

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