Trans Comedian Plays the Piano With Her Penis — On Live TV. Good.

Maybe now we can have a more grown-up debate about trans acceptance.

⭐ Robert Jameson


Jordan Gray on Friday Night Live
Jordan Gray. Source: Pink News

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Readers in the US will be familiar with Saturday Night Live. For a short period back in the 1980s, we Brits had our own version, originally entitled Saturday Live, but later renamed Friday Night Live, on account of its new place in the schedules. That series ended in 1988. But it came back last Friday for a one-off special celebrating 40 years of Channel 4.

And the revival has hit the headlines, thanks to trans woman and comedian, Jordan Gray.

She sang a song whilst playing the piano in the traditional manner — with her fingers. It wasn’t a particularly funny song, but it was an energetic performance. Entertaining enough.

And then, in one quick movement, she stripped off her pink suit, Full Monty style, flashing both her breasts and her penis, and finished up playing the piano with her penis.


Pink News praised the “iconic” performance.

But elsewhere, many people were offended.

Disgusting,” “Gutter level filth” and “Sick” were some of the reactions I read online.

The people who made these comments were not clear on exactly why they were so offended. But I can hazard a good guess at one of the reasons.

I strongly suspect that if she’d had her penis removed, there would be far less outrage. “Nude trans woman plays the piano” is not much of a story. “Nude trans woman plays the piano with her penis” gets people’s attention.


Some people are deeply offended by the very concept of a woman with a penis. As far as they are concerned, a woman cannot have a penis, because a person with a penis is a man. And a “she” cannot have a penis, because then the “she” would actually be a “he.”

But what do these people think has been happening all these years? For a long time, we’ve been using the term, “trans woman.” And for a long time, people have been saying “a trans woman is…



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