You STILL don’t seem to be reading very carefully!

I said:

“I got a small taste of the prejudice and discrimination many transwomen are exposed to.”

That’s not the same thing at all as saying I got a taste of the experience of being discriminated against as a transwoman (or ‘trans woman’).

You write:

“You claimed to have had “a small taste” of my experience”


I was exposed to some of the prejudice and discrimination sometimes directed towards trans women. But I did not taste the same experience any of them tasted and at no stage have I claimed to have done so.

I’m busy campaigning against prejudice. You could have been supportive of my efforts. But instead, you seemed very keen on taking offence over a claim that I never even made. And then, when I pointed out your error, you compounded it, instead of correcting it.

Surely you can do better than that?

I hope you’ll now see fit to apologise.

Written by

Tech Fan, Philosopher, Economist and Basic Income advocate.

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