You say,

“It is obviously correct the market does not give people what they deserve.”

But I have conversed with many people who believe differently. And that’s why I’ve written this article

I agree that ‘earned’ is different from ‘deserve’ — but the two words are often linked. If you make money through deception, the market may reward you, but it is reasonable to say you haven’t ‘earned’ that money.

You say,

“There is no standard for what someone deserves.”

But it would perhaps be more accurate to say there is no common standard that we all agree on. We do, however, have our own individual standards. And if we ask almost any individual what sort of behaviour ‘deserves’ to be rewarded and what doesn’t, we can see that there will considerable divergence between what behaviour they say deserves to be rewarded and what behaviour the market actually rewards. And this is the point I wished to make.

“There is a problem with inequality. Capitalism isnt perfect. But I don’t think you’ve nailed why that is here.”

Yes. But that’s not what this article is even attempting to do!

Written by

Tech Fan, Philosopher, Economist and Basic Income advocate.

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