You make some good points there, Josh.

You can get a decent $200 phone that would be perfectly good enough for most people’s needs. However, when many people are using their phones for several hours a day, there is a certain amount of logic in going for the extra performance and nicer feel of a much more expensive phone. And if you’re going to pay $749 for a phone, why not pay a little more to have a top-of-the-line phone at $1000?

But it seems a lot of people have decided that there’s little, if any, additional benefit for them to get a $1000 phone instead of a $749 or $699 phone.

And there is also the question of whether we should be using our phones so much anyway. Out of the several hours that many people use their phones per day, how much of that time is well spent and how much of it consists mainly of faffing around and generally wasting time? And if people spent much less time on their phones each day, it might no longer be worth buying an expensive phone.

Thanks for adding your thoughts! :)

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