Wow! I expect you spent a little while writing that! If only you’d put a fraction of that effort into carefully reading my article in the first place, you might get some idea how wrong you are.

“You are making a basic assumption about the opposition to UBI and generalising. Instead of saying this is one possibility.”

What nonsense! I make it abundantly clear that I am talking about what some people say!

And what ‘basic assumption’ are you saying I’m making? I’m reporting the sorts of arguments I’ve seen many people make. I’m not saying everyone is like that.

“…just make it clearer this is one line of argument against one particular point of view that you have personally experienced, not assume everyone faces this argument because I certainly have not.”

It already ought to be clear. But it can be difficult for a prejudiced person to see what is right before their eyes!

And where is the evidence that I’ve assumed ‘everyone faces this argument’?

If there is any ‘straw-manning’ being done, it seems to be being done by you. You are clearly misrepresenting what I originally wrote.

You also write:

“It felt that the article was a rant against rich people more than an honest attempt at understanding the moral issues surrounding basic income.”

If it ‘felt’ like that to you, then perhaps that is mainly the result of your own prejudices, rather than anything it actually says in the article.

And perhaps you might find this article helpful:

Oh — and perhaps you should go and see if you can find any more examples of ‘straw-manning’ in your own response complaining about straw-manning? It shouldn’t be difficult!

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