This article is not about the issue of women’s employment — so, to that extent, discussion on that subject is off-topic.

It wasn’t me that ‘created’ the scene. I reminded the staff of their own employer’s policies. I don’t regard that as ‘making a fuss.’ I regard that as extremely reasonable. The staff created the scene by refusing to follow their employer’s policies. There would have been no ‘scene’ if the staff acted properly, according to their employer’s clear policies.

You’re surely not suggesting the staff acted perfectly reasonably by refusing to follow their own company’s anti-discrimination policies, are you?

Thanks for sharing your opinions, however. It’s interesting to see the excuses people use to condone clearly sexist behaviour. It’s as if you think that you can magically make prejudice and discrimination ethically OK simply by renaming it as ‘experience’ and ‘common sense.’

And as to your final paragraph:

Really? Even if people don’t quite believe you? Or think you are creepy? OK!

…the answer is Yes. I’m guided by principle, not by what people think of me, based largely on their own prejudices.

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Tech Fan, Philosopher, Economist and Basic Income advocate.

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