The full quote was:

“$1000 a month per adult seems quite generous for a Basic Income — at least compared to most Basic Income proposals that I have read about.”

Just to be clear: I was saying it was quite generous in comparison to most other Basic Income proposals.

But in answer to your questions: Yes, I do consider $12,000 per year to be sufficient to live on, as I live on a lot less than that myself. I have looked at rents recently — though obviously they vary from one location to another.

Obviously there are places in which $12,000 a year may not be sufficient to live on. But, with a Basic Income of $12,000, you should be able to afford to go and live somewhere else.

There is debate about how a Basic Income system should deal with housing costs. You can read more about that issue here:

I hope that helps. Have a nice day! :)

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