That seems a reasonable perspective. Seeing as people use their phones so much, it seems reasonable to buy a very good one.

On the other hand, perhaps people shouldn’t be using their phones so much in the first place. If people only spent a healthy 30 minutes or so on their phones each day (instead of several hours), it’s less easy to justify buying a particularly expensive one.

And whilst it is true that many people waste more money on Starbucks coffees and branded groceries etc. than they do on their phones, the lesson there shouldn’t be that it is therefore OK to waste money on buying an unnecessarily expensive phone. The lesson should be to stop wasting money on Starbucks coffees and branded groceries.

Plus: Whilst an extra $400 to buy a more premium phone might seem to be a reasonable price to pay for the convenience of a slightly better camera or faster processor, perhaps more good could be done by spending that money in other ways?

But yes; people do find it easy to justify spending a lot of money on a phone. That’s Apple’s intention, surely?

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Tech Fan, Philosopher, Economist and Basic Income advocate.

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