Thanks Jillian for adding that information and sharing your perspective.

As a side point, I should point out that your argument is somewhat lacking in logic.

You claim that “provided a trans women has been on HRT and has had hormone levels tested by the league she is competing in, there really is no good argument to bar them from participating in women’s sport.”

And then you claim that “For one to argue otherwise is either because 1) you lack an understanding of the physiological changes trans women experience or 2) you are transphobic.”

But it is logically possible for someone to ‘argue otherwise,’ even though neither 1 nor 2 apply.

But, leaving that lack of logic aside, if you are arguing that trans women should not be barred from participating in women’s sports, then I should point out that my article made no attempt to suggest otherwise. My article argues against discrimination based on sex or gender.

Thanks for your side-note about Biases and Phobias. A lot of people do have all sorts of subconscious biases and prejudices. In fact, I’ve written many books and articles on the subject myself and I have a website devoted largely to the topic of helping people overcome their prejudices. So, if you’re (note the spelling!) interested in self-improvement, perhaps you should take a look. You might find it really helpful.

Be warned though, that many people get deeply offended when invited to challenge their own prejudices.

I also have many articles on Medium that are also designed to help people overcome their prejudices:

And if you want something really hardcore to challenge your prejudices, you might like to take my (deeply offensive) ‘Intelligence Test’:

I hope you find those resources helpful! :)

Tech Fan, Philosopher, Economist and Basic Income advocate.

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