Thanks for your very rational support, New Dawn.

I do think, though, that Serah’s response provides an interesting case study that we can learn from. It illustrates how the fight against prejudice can be distracted by ‘my experience is more valid than yours’ sort of squabbles.

And there are some real gems in her latest response:

“This was a you story, invoking trans people merely for sensation and an elevated sense of victimhood.”

“I‘m not supportive of your “efforts” because they are self-centered and condescending.”

“If you truly cared you’d respect the concerns of those you’re claiming to fight for.”

“How much propping up does your delicate ego really need?”

It may be a real eye-opener for some people to be able to see how much prejudice and unjustified assumption a person can display in two short paragraphs, without apparently having any idea how prejudiced and presumptive they are being.

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Tech Fan, Philosopher, Economist and Basic Income advocate.

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