Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Megan.

It’s a fair point that, from an individual perspective, it is reasonable to make risk assessments on the basis of probabilities. The man walking 20 yards behind you on a dark night along a quiet road is, from a probability perspective, more of a threat than a woman doing the same thing. And if you decide to quicken your step and head towards a more well-lit area, that’s reasonable, even though it’s more than a 99.9% probability that the man intends you no harm whatsoever.

Sometimes, institutions and businesses have to make such risk assessments. However, they also have a moral duty to mitigate risks in a way that doesn’t unfairly discriminate against people any more than is necessary.

So, in the case of fitting rooms, the best way to mitigate risks is to have individual changing cubicles (which Primark already has) and to have plenty of staff on hand to be able to prevent any sort of harassment taking place (which, again, Primark has). In this way, risks can be mitigated without unfair discrimination.

Do you agree that this sounds like a very reasonable approach?

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