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Yes, I think the lack of feedback is a serious problem — and perhaps in several more ways than I’ve mentioned in this brief article. Not only is it frustrating for writers, not only does it fail to help them ‘improve’ their writing, but it also tends to lead to a situation characterised by distrust. For example, I might start to suspect that Medium is rejecting some of my articles, not on grounds of ‘quality,’ but because the articles express ideas and opinions that a curator didn’t happen to like. Maybe that’s not right, but if I’m not provided with any alternative explanation, my suspicions may grow.

Furthermore, if curators don’t have to provide a reason for rejecting an article, that seems like almost inviting them to indulge their prejudices. They might be able to resist that temptation — or they might not!

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Tech Fan, Philosopher, Economist and Basic Income advocate.

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