Thanks for reading and for adding those thoughts, Valerie.

It is, of course, entirely possible to put everything through the ‘Latest’ Tag, even given the high volume of input. You may well be right that a good article might only be near the top of the list for a short while, but that situation would be helped by getting rid of the genuine trash.

Going forward, I think it is important to keep the overall system simple, so I’m not sold on having ‘Recommended’ as well as ‘Featured,’ but I do think we should find ways to help readers find the high-quality but unconventional articles the (rather conservative) curators don’t usually go for.

I’m planning to add some more articles about Medium, so stay tuned, especially if you’d like to add your thoughts — which would be most welcome! :)

Thanks again! :)

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Tech Fan, Philosopher, Economist and Basic Income advocate.

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