Sorry to be the one to point this out to you Mike, but your ‘arguments’ don’t really make much sense. You’ve claimed my article is ‘one of the worst’ you’ve read on Brexit, but then you’ve failed to be clear about what’s wrong with it.

Yes, it’s true that ‘Leave’ is vague, as there are many forms of Leave — but I haven’t argued otherwise. I agree that the ‘Leave’ option should have been a much more specific proposal.

Furthermore, you make all sorts of unsubstantiated claims:

“Brexit is very likely to result in the breakup of the UK.

You have totally missed the point regarding the border between North and Southern Ireland.

It is of no consequence what the Good Friday agreement states or does not not state.

The open border upon which peace depends, only functions when both sides are in the EU.”

You just seem to be making it up as you go along, with one piece of fantasy after another; making claims with no substantial argument or evidence to back them up.

Whilst it is possible that Brexit could contribute to the breakup of the UK, it’s also possible that Remaining in the EU could cause the breakup of the UK. If we overturn the result of the EU referendum, that may make it much easier to overturn the result of the Scottish Independence referendum too!

And it’s complete bull to claim peace is impossible unless both the UK and Ireland are in the EU. If the ‘former terrorists’ have genuinely given up terrorism, they’re not going to start bombing people again simply because there are border checks. If they’re holding that as a threat over us, then they haven’t really given up terrorism at all.

If you want to criticise my article, that’s fine by me, but please concentrate on analysing what I’ve actually written. I haven’t said that political promises should always be kept regardless of all consequences. I am saying, however, that failing to keep promises can severely damage democracy.

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