Sorry Stephen, but that link (the first one) does not appear to contain the sort of clear proposals I was suggesting.

I am, by training, an economist. I studied the subject from the ground up, from school to university and beyond. And I have come across numerous people on the internet who offer similarly vague proposals revolving around their ideas of money creation. None, so far, has stood up to scrutiny.

The thing is that because I actually understand economics, I’m not likely to be impressed by statements such as “money creation must be standardized.” It’s just so vague, it barely even means anything!

Now, please tell me something, Stephen, before we go any further: Are you claiming to be a skilled economist? Have you studied the subject from the ground up, starting with things like opportunity cost and indifference curves? And if not, what makes you think you are sufficiently qualified to be able to competently assess macro-economic policy suggestions?

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Tech Fan, Philosopher, Economist and Basic Income advocate.

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