Please don’t spread misinformation.

You write:

“Citizens with no need to work will have significant leverage and bargaining power against employers. Any economist will be quick to point out that this will be disastrous for business. Employers will simply relocate to countries where they are not burdened with such entitlements.”

But this is not true! I’m an economist and I don’t think it will be ‘disastrous for business’ for employees and potential employees to have more bargaining power.

Furthermore, a decision whether to relocate a business can be a complicated one, based on many factors, not merely the bargaining power of citizens. And if a business can ‘simply relocate,’ then what does that say about the bargaining power of the employees? Think about it. The employees can only really bargain their way to better wages and better treatment up until the point where they would lose their jobs. The employer is only likely to accept a new deal if she thinks that would be better for her than any of the alternative options that are available to her — including the possibility of relocating.

And if workers are paid better and treated better, that could be a very good thing for a business. Productivity may rise, retention may improve - all sorts of good things can happen.

Please don’t indulge in making bold and sweeping claims that you can’t remotely justify.

Written by

Tech Fan, Philosopher, Economist and Basic Income advocate.

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