Perhaps you’ve somewhat misinterpreted what I wrote. At no point did I say that the existence of Coke or Pepsi was a bad thing. At no point did I say it was bad to manufacture these products. At no point did I sneer at people who enjoy Coke or Pepsi. My comments were about people who market these products — and who may well be spending their days telling people about a product they already know about.

Furthermore, both professional sports and romance novels (neither of which I mentioned in my article) DO provide economic value. If you think they don’t, perhaps you have a misguided idea of what ‘economic value’ refers to.

Finally, why on Earth should I stop judging the economic choices other people make? So long as I don’t get to dictate to other people what choices they can or cannot make, surely I’m entitled to have and express my opinions — aren’t I? It would be a much poorer world if none of us were allowed to offer opinions of other people’s decisions.

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Tech Fan, Philosopher, Economist and Basic Income advocate.

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