No, I don’t actually want the state to take people’s money by force. However, all major nation states currently rely on a system of compulsory taxation to fund their activities, as it is seen as the most practical option. In some ways this is less than ideal, but there’s not all that much point in criticising the use of taxes unless you have a better, alternative system for funding the state — or unless you want to argue that it would be better if the state wasn’t funded at all.

I’m actually very interested in exploring ways to make taxes less compulsory. For example, by taxing luxury goods instead of income, people would be able to opt out of paying those taxes if they really wanted to.

And Basic Income, when you think about it, does essentially allow every individual the option of not paying any net tax. Many people will continue to pay more in tax than they receive in Basic Income, but they will no longer be able to reasonably argue that they are actually being forced to do that.

I’m actually very interested in being fair to the taxpayer. And I think Basic Income is much fairer to the taxpayer than existing welfare systems. With current welfare systems, the taxpayer must pay for welfare payments AND pay for all the bureaucracy that goes with them. Under a Basic Income system, most of the bureaucracy will no longer be necessary. Thus, the total burden on the taxpayer can be much lower than under existing welfare arrangements.

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Tech Fan, Philosopher, Economist and Basic Income advocate.

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