My recommendation is not based merely on what’s presented in this article. There are a wealth of considerations I’ve taken into account and a great deal of evidence regarding how humans behave. You can’t realistically expect me to include all the considerations in a single article.

Further, it is important to take into account what the alternative would be to introducing a Basic Income system. If we don’t introduce a Basic Income system, the obvious alternative is to continue with our existing welfare systems.

And continuing with existing welfare systems will have very serious and damaging costs, as millions of people continue to suffer as a result of not getting the help they need — sometimes being driven to despair or even to suicide.

The introduction of Basic Income may involve some problems, but continuing with existing welfare system also involves problems. Thus, we shouldn’t be comparing Basic Income with some idealized, imaginary system that has no problems at all. We should be comparing it with the welfare systems we have at the moment and with any viable alternatives.

And if Basic Income is the best available system out of the all the realistic alternatives, then it would probably be rational to introduce it, even if we haven’t definitively proven just how good a system it is likely to be.

And if our Basic Income system is ‘found faulty,’ then we can make changes to deal with those ‘faults.’

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Tech Fan, Philosopher, Economist and Basic Income advocate.

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