I was hoping my position would be clear, without me having to answer all the individual questions. But, in order to be helpful:

“Let’s take the Olympics?” — Yes. Let’s do that!.

“Who do (you) suggest women compete against?” — Anyone else in the relevant event.

“Mediocre men? Mediocre men, who by defintion will not be at the Olympics?”— No. I agree that ‘mediocre men’ generally don’t make it to the Olympics.

“Are you suggesting we should be de facto excluding women from the Olympics?” — No. There are events in which women are (or should be) able to compete with the best men — such as equestrian events and perhaps shooting events. We could also think of adding new events. In equestrian events, of course, women already do compete alongside men.

“Would you be happy to see the Olympic games — the absolute pinnacle of competitive sports — without a single woman taking part? Because that is what you are advocating.” — No. And that is not what I am advocating at all. Plus: It is questionable whether the Olympics really is ‘the absolute pinnacle of competitive sports. In some events, you don’t get all of the world’s best competitors, because there are limits on how many athletes a single country can enter in a single event.

“And while we are at it, do you think boxing should get rid of its strict segregation rules based on weight so that boxers should only ever compete on merit?” — No. In boxing, the different weight categories can provide very different types of fight. Some spectators might prefer to watch the power hitting of the heavyweights, whereas others might prefer the quicker foot movement you often see in the lighter divisions. So, for entertainment purposes, the weight categories could be retained.

And one question for you: Have you got any apologies you would like to make at this point?

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Tech Fan, Philosopher, Economist and Basic Income advocate. tiny.cc/RJMedStuff

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