I used to play football (soccer) regularly with a bunch of other graduates from my old university. And we had two girls from America who used to play and they’d obviously been playing since they were very young and they were excellent players. It’s true that they couldn’t run as fast as most of the lads, but they were very skilful and anyone suggesting they couldn’t get stuck right into a tackle and bring 6ft 4in men twice their size crashing to the ground would be completely wrong. They didn’t ask for any special consideration and they didn’t get any. I wanted these girls on my team every time.

Of course, we weren’t playing in the Premier League. And these girls wouldn’t be good enough to play in the Premier League. But then neither would I have been, so we played together at the level that was right for us.

If you’re still in doubt about my view, perhaps you’d like to read this earlier article:

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