I understand your perspective. You do very well out of Patreon and you naturally prefer a steady monthly income from there to the more irregular one you could get here. And I do accept that Medium’s curation rules are far from perfect.

However, Medium’s paywall system provides an important source of income for people (like me) who do not enjoy the sort of support on Patreon that you enjoy.

Patreon is not for everyone. And for many writers and readers, Medium’s system is better. Medium has done much more for me than Patreon ever has.

And so I shall be continuing to support Medium by posting my Basic Income stories here.

Despite your sometimes rather dodgy use of statistics and that time I caught you in a particularly bad temper :) , you generally do good work on behalf of the Basic Income cause and I wish you well in your future endeavours.

And if you want to help me with the good work I do on behalf of Basic Income, you could do worse than sending your Medium readers my way:

Best wishes,


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