I don’t consider it ‘misogynist’ at all to suggest athletes should compete according to their ability, without reference to their sex or gender.

When I watch sporting events, including the Olympics, I generally want to see the best athletes, regardless of their sex or gender. I want to see an end to unfair discrimination based on sex or gender.

You write: “As for your deliberate avoidance of my second question, “what purpose does segregating by declared gender id serve in sport?” — you are implicitly suggesting this is fine, but are too cowardly to actually defend the idea. I suggest this is because the only reason you might be able to defend is that it affirms the delusional beliefs of a few men. And that is not a good look.”

But, frankly, it’s rather dumb and pathetic for you to accuse me of being ‘too cowardly’ to defend the idea. I don’t defend the idea, because I don’t support the idea. I’m opposed to the idea. And it’s perfectly reasonable to suggest that to find out what purpose someone might have in proposing the idea, it would be sensible to actually ask someone who was proposing that idea.

But thank you for sharing your perspective!

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Tech Fan, Philosopher, Economist and Basic Income advocate. tiny.cc/RJMedStuff

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