Hi Vincentia and thanks for updating your comment.

I think the fundamental thing to recognise here is that the winner of a sports match always has an advantage over the loser.

They were taller, they had 'superior' DNA, they came from a rich family that could afford sports coaching, they got lucky, etc, etc. There's always some advantage.

Sport is not a meritocracy. Whilst some advantages come from hard work, that's always only a part of the picture. And even the character traits required for hard work are not evenly distributed amongst the population.

It seems to me that the most sensible thing to do is simply to match up opponents of a similar level, regardless of what factors caused them to be at that level rather than a different one.

If I play sport, I generally like to be up against people of a similar capability. I don't care if they are male, female, men, women, flexigender, black or white.

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