Hi Michael!

May I politely suggest that you should try to use your terms rather more carefully?

Last week’s data indicated that economic activity is slowing. The fear is that if growth continues to slow, the US could enter into a recession.

As you presumably know; if we have economic growth, then economic activity isn’t slowing at all. Economic growth refers to an acceleration in the rate at which we are producing things. In other words, it refers to an acceleration in economic activity from one period to the next.

I think what you may mean is that the economy’s rate of growth is slowing down. But even ‘slow growth’ still refers to a situation in which there is an increasing amount of economic activity in each time period. So; growth is slowing, but the economy is still accelerating, because it is increasing the rate at which it is producing things.

I say it’s best to keep things simple. For example, you could say;

The economy continues to grow, but its rate of growth is slowing down.

That way, people are less likely to get confused.

Tech Fan, Philosopher, Economist and Basic Income advocate. tiny.cc/RJMedStuff

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