Hi Ken and thanks for your thoughts — enough for a whole article in themselves! :)

I would just say that it appears you might be responding under slightly misguided impressions of what I was saying or inferring.

“Apple didn’t introduce the iPhone X in the first place — it trailed the iPhone 8 announcement by two months.”

When I refer to the iPhone X being ‘introduced,’ I’m referring to when it was announced. The iPhone X and 8 were announced at the same event. They just weren’t available for sale on the same date.

“To infer that the iPhone 8 was therefore supposed to be Apple’s “main” iPhone (and the X a niche, prestige product item) because it came first…”

I had no intention of inferring that.

“It’s just as dumb to infer that Apple needed the iPhone XS to be their “main” iPhone because it was introduced a month before the XR.”

I had no intention of inferring that either.

So thanks again for your thoughts, Ken. I do generally use words pretty carefully, however. So I think it’s usually best to respond to what I actually write, rather than what you might assume me to be inferring.

Have a great day!

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