Hi Forrest and thanks for adding your very interesting perspective.

Ultimately, it’s difficult to say whether Apple made the right decisions. We only have the results of what has happened and we can’t say for certain what would have happened if Cook had made different decisions. His decisions can be judged in the light of the information he had at the time, but since we don’t know exactly what information he had at the time, we can’t really know whether he made the right decisions on that basis either.

Note, of course, that at no point did I claim that Cook made the wrong decisions in terms of the effect they would likely have on Apple’s overall profits or on its share price. An alternative route may or may not have been more profitable. I’m just expressive my opinion that I would have liked to see Apple take some more risks and do some more exciting things — and suggesting what they could have done.

Interestingly, you’ve defended Cook in general, but you haven’t dismissed my specific suggestions as to what Apple ‘could have done but didn’t.’ I don’t know if you would take issue with any of these specific suggestions.

I certainly won’t be defending Windows as an alternative to what Apple offers. I use Ubuntu, which, for me, is vastly superior to anything Microsoft or Apple offers. :)

I can guess what you’re referring to when you say “Jobs particular manner of death pretty much cinches his fallibiltiy in judgement” — but it’s possible you may have been misinformed on that score. You might find this video very interesting:

Thanks again!

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