Hi Caitlin and thanks for asking your question so politely.

I would say it would be extremely unlikely that Basic Income would cause a serious labour shortage. And that’s mainly because there are few people who would be satisfied with having only enough money for essentials. Basic Income may cover food and basic accommodation, but nearly everyone wants more than that. They want to be able to afford nicer food, a night out occasionally, a car, better accommodation, holidays, etc etc — and they’re prepared to work in order to get these things.

And when you do earn money, you don’t lose any of your Basic Income. So you’re not in a position, like many people on welfare are today, in which you’re discouraged from working because, as you earn more, you lose some or all of your welfare payments.

You might find this helpful:

And there are more resources (including a video) here:

I hope that help! :)

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