Hi Bratt! You may not realise, but when an article (like this one) gets ‘featured,’ it is subject to being edited by Medium staff. Quite understandably, some parts are rewritten, perhaps to make them a little more exciting or a little more direct.

Out of interest, what I originally wrote was: “In most cases, a decision to buy a thousand-dollar phone is one driven largely by status anxiety. People want the status of being the owner of the latest and greatest iPhone. They want to show it off and be envied by their friends.”

I hope you can see, therefore, that I had no intention to malign iPhone owners — or to claim they are necessarily more driven by status anxiety than people who buy similarly-priced phones from Apple’s competitors. Furthermore, I think it is fair comment to suggest status anxiety often plays a significant role in people’s decisions to pay $1000 or more for a phone.

That said, however, I think it’s rather prejudicial to take the attitude indicated by your last paragraph. I flatter myself that my many ‘texts’ contain a great many interesting insights, even if they might not all be to your taste. :)

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Tech Fan, Philosopher, Economist and Basic Income advocate. tiny.cc/RJMedStuff

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