Hi again Wyatt!

It seems you have a very active imagination — and you appear to have formed an impression of my perspective that isn’t remotely justified by what I have written.

I strive to be a very thoughtful, caring and compassionate person — and I try to encourage other people to be thoughtful, caring and compassionate. If you have formed a contrary impression, then perhaps that is your mistake.

You write: “you’ve said that it is categorically evil to allow other people, including all of society, to influence your ‘ideas, attitudes, beliefs and actions’”

But no, I haven’t said that!!

You write, “You take a firm and clear position that you have no obligation to others,”

But no, I don’t!!

What I actually wrote was; “political correctness itself is the idea that you should judge your ideas, attitudes, beliefs and actions, not according to clear principles of right and wrong, but according to what other people, or society in general, deem is acceptable or unacceptable, appropriate or inappropriate, in your particular society, at this particular point in history. And that’s what’s evil!”

I am not saying that it is evil to allow other people to influence you. I am not saying people have no moral obligation to others. I AM opposing the idea that people should be unprincipled. I AM opposing the idea that people should decide their actions merely according to what other people consider acceptable. But if other people can make principled suggestions as to why you should change your behaviour, it seems just fine to me that you might be influenced by those suggestions.

So, here’s a polite suggestion for you: Perhaps you should be more careful in the future, so as to be somewhat less inclined to misinterpret what other people have said or written!

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Tech Fan, Philosopher, Economist and Basic Income advocate. tiny.cc/RJMedStuff

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