As I pointed out in the original article, privacy was assured, as the fitting room consisted entirely of individual changing cubicles. And staff were there to stop anyone barging in to any other person’s cubicle, in the unlikely event that anyone would try to do so.

My racism analogy was not ‘spurious’ at all or lacking in ‘validity.’ More likely, you don‘’t have a good answer to my argument, so you are just using terms such as ‘spurious’ to try to dismiss it, without having a valid counter argument.

I don’t regard sexism as a ‘petty’ matter. And, it wasn’t a ‘FEMALE’ fitting room, anyway. It was for the use of ANY customer who wished to use it - as the company themselves were happy to confirm. So if anyone needs to get their facts lined up, perhaps that person is you!

But thanks for sharing your ‘perspective.’ It’s always interesting to see the ‘arguments’ people make in order to excuse prejudice and bigotry.

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Tech Fan, Philosopher, Economist and Basic Income advocate.

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