"As a white (assuming from your avatar) dude, you have zero experience not seeing yourself represented in all areas of society. So your opinion about how people should feel when they don't find role models who represent aspects of their identity, is not worth a whole lot in this instance sadly. "

I call nonsense on that!

There are many aspects to my being. Being 'white' is only one of them. I'm also an intellectual - and intellectuals are widely excluded from all sorts of 'areas of society.'

So I do have lots of experience of 'people like me' not being properly represented.

And you offer no logic as to why my opinion "is not worth a whole lot."

I think my opinions are generally worth a great deal, because they are intelligent and thoughtful opinions. Nothing to do with my race!

I call time on this conversation now. Going through all your illogicalities is too time consumming. Sadly, I think your power of argument is poor - much poorer than you realise. But I wish you well, too, and hope that, with practice, improvements can be made.

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