ARM CPUs can now power laptops, of course. Apple is about to prove that. Yes, some previous attempts to put ARM into laptop have flopped. But it was a complicated issue. It wasn’t simply about processing power.

ARM chips traditionally focused on power efficiency, not outright processing power, so may not have suited processing-heavy apps such as Photoshop. But most people don’t use Photoshop on their laptop. And ARM laptops should have been perfectly capable of running a browser and office software — and thus being able to do much useful work.

The problem was with operating systems and other software compatibility. Having to use emulators or compatibility layers to run x86 software is what really taxes the CPU. Having to run Windows is what taxes the CPU.

But Apple is easily capable of solving these problems, because it makes its own operating systems and key apps and can optimise them for use on ARM. And they’ve got an army of developers ready to work with them.

On top of that, they’ve no doubt got the capability to bring some seriously powerful custom ARM chips to their upcoming Macs. And they will easily be able to run application such as Photoshop too!

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