And so, in which way, if any, are you disagreeing with me?

Yes, I agree that “Sport is segregated by sex for a reason.”

But females can still have “meaningful competition” if they simply play against opponents of a similar ability to themselves, regardless of their sex or their gender.

And when we talk about a ‘level playing field’ in sport, that doesn’t usually mean that everyone has exactly the same chance of winning. It that was what we wanted, we could just have a lottery. A ‘level playing field’ should mean that we don’t set the rules so as to unfairly disadvantage someone. It should mean that two people of equal ability have an equal chance to win. And if we set the rules of a sporting event so that a female can win, but a male of equal ability can’t even enter, that doesn’t sound like much of a ‘level playing field’ to me. It looks to me more like unfair discrimination.

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Tech Fan, Philosopher, Economist and Basic Income advocate.

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